Egg-tempera painting of St. Philomena by David Walker

“My experience in the Egg Tempera Painting class of Alina Smolyansky:
I had seen a demonstration of egg tempera painting years before so my interest was there.
The class was only five weeks, but it was excellent! All materials were provided, which was essential as I am not sure where one gets the ground pigments and the boards upon which we painted were all ready to go. We were provided with a first project that was excellently suited as an introduction to painting with egg tempera. The instruction by Alina was outstanding. She is an excellent painter and unlike many can teach the technique with ease. Essential to a beginner, she was incredibly patient with us. In spite of the intricacies of the technique she was able with careful attention to lead each of us to a successful painting by the end of the class! There are already multiple subsequent possible projects in mind. Looking forward to my next project! Thank you, Alina.” — David Walker, PhD

Working with Alina is a gracious experience. She works seriously and at the same time finds joy in her achievements. Her works are a joy to behold and windows into a wider world.
— Kerry Baisley, Vancouver, BC

Egg-tempera painting of Faravahar by Zenobia Turnbull 

Egg-tempera painting of Faravahar by Zenobia Turnbull 

I happened upon Alina by chance when she was demonstrating icon and egg-tempera painting technique at a gallery. I had never attempted egg-tempera or gold-leaf work, but I was intrigued by the purity of the medium. Using egg emulsion (an environmentally friendly medium) to adhere paint to wood makes so much sense.
— Zenobia Turnbull, Burnaby, BC, Vancouver Sketch Club
For many years I have been interested in icons and have wanted to take a painting class. I was delighted when an artist friend put me in contact with Alina and quickly signed up for a semi-private class; I had no prior painting experience – of any kind. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from Alina. She is a master iconographer, incredibly knowledgeable about her trade, and has an easy manner of imparting learning to her students. The experience was more than a painting class. The lessons were about creating a sacred image, in a sacred space – if open to it, it is a spiritual experience. It was lovely, and at the end of the process, I got to take home a beautiful painting.
— Jennifer K., Vancouver, BC

It is a pleasure working with Alina. I have taken two of her classes and I am currently receiving private lessons from her. Alina is a wonderful painter and an excellent teacher; she is knowledgeable and patient and a lot of fun to work with.   Alina has covered a lot of different topics and techniques with me and has done an excellent job of both instructing me how to use these techniques and how to develop further. She is able to assess skills well and knows how to lead students through a progressive level of difficulty, allowing them to develop their skills with appropriate challenges.   I really enjoy working with Alina and I am glad I have had the chance to studying with her. I would recommend her classes and her lessons without reservation.
— Graham Z., Vancouver, BC
I recently attended a 5-day icon painting workshop with Alina. As a beginner, I had no idea what to expect. I soon realized that this was not a typical workshop but one in which there was little interruption and required full attention to each moment. The act of painting, slowly over 5 days, the many layers from dark to light provided the environment to partake fully, mind, body, and spirit. One aspect which I found helpful, in part because of the slower pace which icon painting necessitates, was the opportunity to watch the arising of judgment and inclination toward comparison. The quiet and gentle environment was supportive as I repeatedly practiced the letting go of judgment and opening fully to the present moment. Attention was key and I found the painting process was immediately affected if I became lost in internal (or external) distraction. Alina provides a beautiful and sacred space for both this inner work and the outer work of painting. She is a gifted artist, extremely patient with her students, and knowledgeable about the art form.
— Heather Page, President, The Contemplative Society

Students’ Project (icon painting class)

Students’ projects (egg tempera class)