Stargazer Lilies


Stargazer Lilies


Lilies have been associated with purity for thousands of years. Lilies were important throughout Greek and Roman mythology. The word “lily” is derived from the Greek word “leiron,” which is believed to refer to the white lilies that were later called Madonna
lilies, symbols of chastity and virtue.
The Stargazer lily is an oriental hybrid lily. It was introduced to the world in 1978 by Leslie Woodriff, a lily breeder from California.
He named it “Stargazer” because the flower blooms towards the sky.
The white stargazer lily is associated with innocence and purity, in keeping with the traditional image of the lily family of flowers.
The pink stargazer lily symbolizes prosperity,
abundance, aspiration. An Oriental meaning of the stargazer lily is
“I see Heaven in your eyes.”

Egg tempera on wood, 10 x 10 x 1.25 inch on a cradled wood panel 

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