From Dust to Art - Vancouver Egg Tempera Academy

From Dust to Art, Vancouver Egg-Tempera Academy, is the only place in Vancouver, if not in Canada, that offers courses both in traditional icon painting and egg-tempera painting. The idea behind the egg tempera paint­ing academy is to share the beauty of this historic medium and to learn to appreciate this age-old artistic tradi­tion by honouring its use in today’s artwork.

Suitable for beginners and experienced artists. Currently offered: egg tempera techniques and icon painting classes

Online course: The Art of Egg Tempera Part 1: Pigments, Egg Emulsion, Basic Painting Techniques.

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egg tempera painting techniques: intro

Dates:  4 Sessions, March 8 - 29, 10 am – 3 pm.
Tuition: $280 + materials $50
Location: Marpole, Vancouver BC

Painting the Tree of Life - the first project

Come and experience the ancient art of egg tempera painting! I am inviting you to enjoy five sessions painting in a tranquil environment, surrounded by works of art and inspiring music.

In this inspiring setting, you will discover the basic secrets of the ancient technique of egg tempera painting and will receive personal instruction and demonstration for each stage of painting (mixing egg yolk emulsion, the “puddle” and brushstroke techniques, transparent layering).

At the end of the course you will take home a completed painting, inspired by illuminated manuscripts and oriental art.

No previous experience required. All the necessary materials and tools will be provided. 

Thank you for your interest in my classes.
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NEW: Easter Icon painting workshops

Dates: Mon - Fri., March 18-22, 10:30 am – 4 pm. (Victoria, BC)
Tuition: $350 (including materials)
Location: St Barnabas Church, Victoria BC

Dates: Mon - Fri., April 8 - 12, 10 am – 3 pm.
Tuition: $ 350 + $50 (materials)
Location: 100 Braid St. Studios & Gallery, New Westminster BC

Icon Painting Workshop: Weep Not For Me, Mother

Painting the icon of Christ Pantocrator

Make time and space for yourself; let go of tension, thoughts, distractions for a day, and settle your mind and emotions by painting a sacred image.

I invite you to spend this time re-connecting with deeper parts of yourself in the creative process, while learning the ancient art of egg tempera painting.

While the word “icon” means “image” in Greek, an icon is more a symbol that speaks directly through our senses and produces certain responses within.

The uniqueness of this course is that the process of looking at and painting sacred images attempts to calm the mind, still emotions and evoke a meditative state.

The technical part of the course will cover the basic techniques of icon painting: transferring the image and applying gold leaf, mixing egg yolk emulsion, the “little lake” and brush stroke techniques, transparent layering, varnishing the finished icon. No previous experience required. All the necessary materials and tools will be provided. 

At the end of the course you will take home a completed icon of Mary and Jesus.

About this icon
It is a special workshop, dedicated to the approaching holiday of Easter.
"Weep Not For Me Mother" icon is from a group of related icons that are associated with the liturgical text of the Holy Week.
It portrays the Theotokos who is weeping for her Son during his burial. However, this image does not only speak of suffering and sorrows. The name of the icon Weep Not For Me, O Mother is a quote from the heirmos of Ode 9 of the Canon of Holy Saturday (celebrated as the day after the crucifixion): “Weep not for me, Mother, seeing in the tomb the son, conceived without seed in the womb, For I shall arise and be glorified, as God I shall exalt with glory unceasing those who with faith and love magnify you.” The Western European (Roman Catholic) equivalent of the “Weep Not for Me, Mother” is the Pietà.

Please contact Alina: smolyansky.a(at)gmail(dot)com, cell: 778.775.9215