Alina Smolyansky was trained as a traditional icon painter by renowned master architect and iconographer Vladimir Blagonadezhdin. Alina is one of very few authentic icon-painters and egg-tempera artists and instructors in North America; her works are in private and institutional collections in Canada, the USA and overseas.

Known from antiquity, egg tempera was the primary painting medium for religious and inspired art until the 16th century when it was replaced by oil paint and was revived only in the 19th century. However, it always remained a required medium for Eastern Orthodox icons.

Egg tempera is made from pure powdered pigments, mixed in a raw egg emulsion. It dries quickly and typically is applied in multiple thin layers, producing saturated vibrant colours. As the paint is not mixed physically but optically, the effect is a luminous, almost 3D result.

Alina holds a BA in Professional Communication from Royal Roads University, as well as diplomas in building engineering and Architecture. Her inspiration stems from Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine icons, illuminated manuscripts and sacred writings. Her love for egg tempera compels her to share her knowledge with others.

Alina’s goal as an artist could be expressed in the following words: “If my art makes at least one person aspire to higher spiritual goals, then I will say that my career as an artist has been successful.”